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I was born in 1988 in Budapest, Hungary. My professional life is shared between aviation and photography. Discovering the treasures of our world and translating it through the infinite apparatus of art excites me as much as flying heavy airplanes.

In 34 years of lifetime I lived in 4 countries and crossed 44 different borders in five continents. At the moment I live in Latvia which was preceeded by Hungary, Italy, and Spain. This fact supplemented by my pilot profession gives a perferct material for photography.


My love story with photography started at the age of 26, when I took my first DSLR camera on a trip to Thailand with the purpose of creating visually pleasing memories. Since that innocent idea, through thousands of life lasting memories I came to the conclusion that the more I explore, the deeper I find myself in the fascinating world of visual story telling.


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2020 - Astronomy Photographer of the Year

"Tranquil Spectators" has been shortlisted in Aurora category. The photo has been published in the annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year book.

2020 - Magyarország 365

"Up Against" (Hun: "Szemben") has been shortlisted in Landscapes and Nature category and included in the annual photobook.

2019 - International Landscape Photographer of the Year

"Silence" has been awarded third place in the International Landscape Photograph Of The Year category (single image).


"Arabian Nights" has been choosen as the astrophotograph of the year 2019 by National Geographic Hungary and published in the magazine's February edition.

2019 - Magyarország 365

"The Station" (Hun: "Megálló") has been shortlisted in Built Heritage category and included in the annual photobook.


"Dunes" has been awarded with bronz medal in One Eyeland's landscape category.


"Sisters" has been selected and published by Susan Goldberg, National Geographic's Editor in Chief as a TOP 15 image.​

2016 - CEWE International Photography Awards
"Retired Lady" has been awarded as the photograph of the month in infrastructure category and exhibited across Europe.

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