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Online Courses

Are you interested in photography but don't know where and how to start?

Do you want to elevate your photographic and post processing skills?

Are you interested in the fascinating secrets of post-processing?

Do you want to learn in an undisturbed environment during an online

ONE-ON-ONE session?

Are you looking for an affordable way to bring to the surface the awakening

artist in you?

Do you want to save your precious time by avoiding reading long articles and

watching endless tutorials?

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above,

then you've found the right place! 

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Photography is a form of art. It means that us, photographers have an unlimited opportunity to create something that we envisioned. Photoshop and Lightroom are the principal tools to realize our infinite creativity. I am familiar with several other programs which are designed to achieve specific processing tasks like panorama stitching, exposure stacking, HDR creation.

I offer practical advices on shooting, gear and composing, as well as advanced post processing techniques such as:

  • Advanced RAW adjustments - color and contrast management, use of filters 

  • Composites

  • Focus Stacking

  • HDR toning

  • Adding, removing and transforming objets

      ...and much more

book your personal session today and start editing like a pro!
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