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Stretching is the classic, standard way of processing canvas prints. It transforms the canvas print into a firm, strong object, that you can hang straight on your wall, or you can put in a gallery frame.



Lyve Canvas - 450gr Premium Archival Matte Canvas

"The Beating Heart Of Breathing Color"


The realization of our pursuit for the perfect fine art canvas. Imagined as the successor to Chromata White, Lyve builds on the legacy of the world’s first OBA-free canvas with superior resolution, greater dmax and a wider color gamut. Featuring the highest archivability of any Breathing Color canvas, The Fine Art Trade Guild awarded Lyve the exclusive Blue Wool certification for 100 years display life.



The print is stretched to high quality pinewood bars, pre-cut to the desired size with wedges in each corner and cross-bars for bigger sizes - to make the canvas as tight and strong as possible. Due to this high quality process the artwork will remain impeccable for decades. The stretcher frames are available in simple (2cm) and double (4cm) depth, with the double being a more exclusive design, for bigger pictures. The canvas is carefully hand-stretched onto the frame, and the border of the canvas is fixed to the back of the frame with pneumatic nail-guns which ensures that the frame is absolutely invisible from the front.

-Minimum size for frames: 30cm

-Standard sizes for bars are numbers ending with 0 and 5cm

-Maximum strecthed canvas size: 300x140cm 


Framing options:
- simple (2cm) stretcher frame
- double (4cm) stretcher frame
- unframed (rolled print)


Canvas Photo Print

  • For long distance shipping, huge stretched frames are not recommended. Even with the most careful packing procedures being strictly observed, they might fail due to transport related stress (temperature changes, being squeezed or thrown around) In such case, we’d suggest a canvas print in a roll.

  • Orders over €1000 benefit from a worldwide complimentary shipping.

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