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Acrylic prints (also known as perspex art) are a contemporary way of printing and displaying photography, artwork or any other image and will suit any modern home interior design.


It is a dedicated process for face mounting photo and art prints under acrylic glass. Because the print is mounted to the acrylic glass, the result is a completely flat mount without air bubbles or smears. The edges of the acrylic board are diamond polished providing a mirror-like clear effect from the sides. At the back of the picture there is a 3mm black Forex® board mounted in order to seal it from any light from the backside. All Plexifoto prints are equipped with an aluminium back-frame that allows the picture to be hanged 15mm from the wall. The frame is hidden and leaves the picture floating with a shadow frame on the wall. 


-Maximum Size: 1800 x 1200mm
-Thickness: 8mm - 5mm thick Plexiglass® acrylic front with polished edges + 3mm Forex®
-Hanging: aluminium stand-off hanger frame (15mm distance from the wall)


* Some photos have different aspect ratio, in such case the longer side of the image will match the long side of the desired print size.

Acrylic Print

  • Orders over €1000 benefit from a worldwide complimentary shipping.

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