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Photo Calendar 2022

Custom made, luxurious design and paper

This superb quality wall calendar serves as a perfect decoration while provides all the necessary information that a household needs throughout the year. It has a large format size, it is stylish, durable and ultimately handy.


The calendar showcases 12 colorful images photographed through various continents. Each month's photo has it's unique atmosphere and color palette that supplements the given month's vibe as perceived by the artist. It performs as a perfect gift for anyone who admires the beauty of our Planet.

On top of the esthetic function, the calendar displays valuable information on the following:

  • Catholic holidays

  • Other important days and celebrations that are not considered as holidays

  • Astronomical signs

  • Moon phases

  • Meteor showers

  • Other important astronomical events

Pre-order delivery starts in mid-November.

30 EUR flat rate worldwide shipping cost.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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